Athletic Directors

Build a Healthy Culture and Winning Tradition Through Mental Training.

What It Is

The PREMIER MINDSET PROGRAM is an e-learning course on the mental skills most directly related to performance enhancement.  Developed by the sport psychologists at Premier Sport Psychology, it offers athletes of all levels a convenient resource to step up their mental game, whether or not they have previous experience with sport psychology.

Group / Team Memberships

Team and organizational licenses are available for teams, athletic departments, and sport organizations. Enjoy discounted pricing, customization, and user tracking features for your coaches, athletes, and training staff.

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The Benefits of Online Mental Training

Scientifically-Proven Mental Skills Training. Paragraph

The Premier Mindset Program is constituted of the most reliable, scientifically-tested and scientifically-proven techniques in the field.  From mindfulness to imagery practice, each skill is applied directly to performance settings, and the challenges facing your athletes on a week-to-week and season-to-season basis, making it an ideal resource for programs in and out of season.

Step-by-Step Instruction from Licensed Sport Psychologists

Each of our training playbooks is facilitated by a practicing sport psychologist or mental performance consultant, and walks athletes through the most battle-tested strategies for building mental resilience and the optimal mindset for performance. The program builds from the fundamentals upward, so it’s suited for athletes of all levels, whether or not they have any experience with sport psychology.

Techniques for Athletic and Academic Performance

Performance is performance, whether on the field or in the classroom.  The skills taught in the Premier Mindset Program, from weeding out distractions, to setting appropriate goals, to positive self-talk and finding optimal focus points during periods of duress, will not only improve student-athletes’ ability to perform on and off the field, it will help them find the sport/life balance necessary to reduce burnout and stabilize overall wellness.

How Can Sport Psychology Help My Program?

What Improves Performance, Improves Well-Being

Your student-athletes are likely concerned with their performances on the field, court, rink, track, or mat. We’ll help with that. Rest assured, however, that every step in this process will be building skills that foster overall wellness, build healthy relationships…

…and help manage the sport/life balance that every student-athlete must contend with at some point in his/her athletic career. Mental skills training begins with identifying what’s working in an athlete’s life, and what needs to be improved for the athlete to realize his/her full potential. The Premier Mindset Program continues this tradition and provides athletes with the skills to nourish what’s best in their lives, and address what’s holding them back.


Improved Communication

Sport psychology (and the Premier Mindset Program) gives student-athletes language to describe their emotions, their thoughts, their hopes, and their fears. It encourages them to communicate openly and effectively with their teammates, their coaches…

…and their family members– whether it be to create accountability and structure in their routines. or to gain strength and understanding from their support systems. This opens the door to healthy, productive conversations that many student-athletes struggle with, and prepares them for the kind of corrective feedback necessary for their success in any program.


New Opportunities for Coach/Athlete Interaction

The Premier Mindset Program allows for coaches, trainers, and support staff to easily monitor athletes’ mental training, and review their responses to exercises ranging from wellness trackers, to focus, confidence, motivation, and emotional awareness assessments.

Exercise reports can be emailed to coaches and student-athletes simultaneously, opening pathways to one-on-one conversations or general discussions on mental skills in practices or team meetings.


Your Own Mental Training Center

While sport psychology has cut a wide swathe across the sporting world, we understand that direct access to sport psychologists remains limited, and for many programs, impossible. The goal of this program is to provide affordable mental skills training…

…developed by some of the country’s most respected sport psychologists, to programs of all means, sizes, and locations.  Most programs can boast of their physical training facilities, with the Premier Mindset Program, athletic departments can show the same commitment to their athletes’ mental training. Just flip them the keys and they can train their mindset anytime, day or night. We’ll keep the lights on for you.