Why choose the Premier Mindset Program?

The Premier Mindset Program is an online mental training course developed by a group of the country’s leading sport psychologists who have consulted with literally thousands of athletes at the professional, Olympic, collegiate, and high school levels. It is based on advanced research and best practices in the field of sport psychology and performance enhancement, all of which have been scientifically tested, and scientifically proven, to enhance performance.

The concepts, strategies, and exercises included in the PMP are those most frequently used by our sport psychologists in their individual sessions with athletes, giving users a look behind the curtain at the tools and techniques that have optimized the mental game of our athletes for the last decade.

With the field of sport psychology exploding across the country, but accessibility to licensed sport psychologists limited, the Premier Mindset Program is an ideal way for coaches and athletes to receive the kind of affordable mental training many are seeking, but few know where to find.

What it includes...

The Premier Mindset Program takes users sequentially through six modules of mindset training: Focus, Motivation, Imagery, Emotional Regulation, Mindfulness, and Confidence. It is your virtual, multimedia textbook, including over 100 pages of interactive text and exercises, and 90 minutes of instructional video.

What you will learn...



Enhance the direction and duration of your focus, and use it to get in the zone and stay in the zone. In this module you’ll learn use focus training to “weed out the trash,” power through adversity and distractions, and optimize your mindset for competitive circumstances of all kinds.

Get moving and keep moving. The motivation module will help you tap into your innermost performance drivers, and teach you how to structure and achieve your performance goals in the short, intermediate, and long term.

Learn the most scientifically-reliable mental training skill, and how to utilize it to speed the learning of new skills, master existing ones, manage energy levels, enhance readiness, and contend with the many challenges associated with high level performance—including exhaustion, performance setbacks, and injury recovery.

Emotions are energy. Learn to use your emotions to reach the ideal activation level for your sport, your position, and your disposition, and how to manage the range of emotions you encounter before, during, and after competition.

The Mindful Behavior module incorporates the most tangible aspects of mindfulness practice to expand your moment-to-moment awareness of yourself, your surroundings, and the mental processes most directly related to your performances.

All athletes want to feel confident, and confident behaviors are directly linked to a range of performance enhancing phenomena—from optimal motivation levels to enhanced focus, cognition, and body reactions. The confidence module will help you nurture your confidence, maintain healthy confidence levels, and recover your confidence when it’s been lost.

Meet Premier Sport Psychology

Premier Sport Psychology has been a fixture in the world of sport psychology and performance enhancement for over a decade, appearing frequently on television and at athletic and leadership conferences, while working directly with thousands of athletes of all ages and ability levels—from youth athletes to professionals and medalists in the last two Olympic Games. The sport psychologists at Premier developed the Premier Mindset Program to make high-level sport psychology practices affordable and available to athletes of all kinds, in all regions of the world.

Dr. Justin Anderson

Founder of Premier Sport Psychology

Creator of the Premier Mindset Program

Justin Anderson, Psy.D., LP is a licensed psychologist who specializes in high performance psychology and leadership. He has helped athletes and high level performers in sport and business gain an advantage in their mindset and mental preparation for the last twenty years.

He currently helms contracts with several professional and Olympic organizations where he and the rest of the Premier team do psychological profiling for the NBA and NFL drafts, as well as individual and team development work to improve performance and overall wellness.

A frequent keynote speaker at national sport and business conferences, and contributor to local and national media programs/publications, Dr. Anderson has become a pioneering voice in the value and implications of mindset training to performers of all kinds.

Premier with the NHL's MN Wild

Dr. Anderson on the NFL Network

Dr. Carlin Anderson

Co-Founder of Premier Sport Psychology

Carly Anderson, Ph.D, LP is a licensed psychologist and a Certified Mental Performance Consultant who has worked in the fields of mental health and performance psychology for over a decade. An accomplished practitioner and researcher, she was awarded the United States Order of Ikkos Medallion at the 2018 Olympic Games for her work with U.S. Olympic athletes, and her research has been published in the Journal of Science & Medicine in Sport, Psychology of Sport and Exercise, the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, the Journal of Exercise, Sport and Performance Psychology, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, and the Journal of Sport Behavior, among other peer-reviewed journals in psychology and mental health.

Dr. Anderson appears often in television and print media as an expert in psychology, performance enhancement, and body image in sport, including appearances on Minnesota Public Radio, and in the Seattle and New York Times.

Dr. Alexandra Wagener

Alexandra Wagener, Ph.D., LP is a licensed psychologist who specializes in mindfulness, and sport and performance psychology. Her work with youth, collegiate, and professional athletes has been widely recognized at the local and national level, and her research on fear, anxiety, and performance has been published in journals such as the International Journal of Cognitive Therapy, The Psychological Record, and the Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology.

Like her colleagues, Dr. Wagener is consulted frequently by publishers of television and print media to speak on performance dynamics and the impact of mental training on performance optimization.

Simon Almaer

Simon Almaer, MA, MBA is a mental performance coach specializing in mindset training and development. After earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in chemistry from the University of Oxford, Mr. Almaer transitioned to organizational leadership and the social sciences in the U.S., earning advanced degrees in both business and sport psychology. His experience with high-level corporate leadership, together with his work as nationally licensed and certified soccer coach, inform his practice, where he emphasizes performers’ ability to improve their own performance and the performances of others through a combination of mental training and leadership/team building.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using the PMP over other programs?

The PMP was developed by a group of the country’s leading sport psychologists who have consulted with literally thousands of athletes from the professional, Olympic, collegiate and high school levels. Many other programs offer attractive marketing materials and claim quick fixes, but seldom yield sustainable results. The PMP is based on advanced research and best practices in the field of sport psychology, all of which have shown lasting, scientifically-tested, scientifically-proven results. The concepts, strategies and exercises included in the PMP are those most frequently used by our sport psychologists in their individual sessions, giving users a “look behind the curtain” at the tools and techniques that have optimized the mental game of our athletes for the last decade.

What do I get for my purchase?

A single-user license gives users unlimited access to the PMP and all of its resources for 12 months. All updates to the content of the PMP—from additional videos, to new research and exercises—are included in your annual membership, so you will always have access to the latest mental training resources. Our licenses do not auto-renew, so there will never be any surprise or hidden charges to your account. We ask only that every individual using the program purchase his or her own license. Please do not share your license with others.

Team/organizational licenses are also available. Please contact us at admin@premiersportpsychology.com for package prices, which will be determined by the size of the organization, and any additional resources you require.

Discounted package rates for sport psychology sessions are also available to all PMP users, both individuals and teams/organizations.

How long is the program and how many hours of video are included?

The PMP includes over 100 pages of interactive text and worksheets, as well as over 90 minutes of instructional video (and growing)!

We have a lot of content, and our pledge to you is that we will continue to update it as we find additional tools and exercises that help our clientele improve their mental game.

What skills will I work on through the PMP?

The PREMIER MINDSET™ PROGRAM is divided into six modules, each addressing a core performance psychology concept, and elaborating on its applications to a variety of performance settings. The specific skills you’ll be mastering are: Focus, Motivation, Imagery, Emotional Regulation, Mindful Behavior, and Confidence.

Can I go through the program multiple times? Is it beneficial?

Yes! You can go back through the program as many times as you would like within your one-year user license and can always improve on your mental skills. We are continuously improving and adding exercises and videos to the PMP so you may notice more content the second time around.

How long will it take for me to go through the entire PMP?

That will vary from athlete to athlete. We’ve designed the PMP to allow users to move through the program at their own pace, so there is no precise timeline. We’d recommend, however, that you devote at least 1-2 weeks for each module. Each module is a combination of instructional text, videos, and exercises, and many of our exercises require several days to complete, with subsequent “check-ins,” additional instruction, and “next steps” for users to interpret their results, gain momentum from their successes, and learn from their missteps. A 1-2 week timeframe should give users the time they need to get through the text and videos, complete the exercises, and most importantly, begin to apply what they’ve learned to their own training and competitions.

Our recommendation is always to stick with a module until the concepts “click” for you and you are able to successfully integrate them into your training and performance routines. For some modules, this may happen relatively quickly. Other modules, and the skills they teach, may take a little more time to master.

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