Based on advanced research and best practices, the Premier Mindset Program was developed by a group of the country’s leading sport psychologists, who consulted athletes of all levels. The concepts, strategies, and exercises included in the Program are used most frequently by our sport psychologists in their sessions. They have shown lasting, scientifically-tested, and proven results. Many other programs will offer quick fixes, but we provide athletes, individuals, parents, and administrators with an inside look at the tools and techniques that have optimized performances for athletes for over a decade.

A single-user license gives users unlimited access to the Premier Mindset Program and all of its resources for 12 months. All updates to the content—from additional videos to new research and exercises—are included in your annual membership. Our licenses do not auto-renew, so there will never be any surprise or hidden charges to your account. We ask only that every individual using the program purchase his or her own license. Please do not share your license with others. Team/organizational licenses are also available. Please contact us at support@mindsetprogram.com for package prices, which are determined by the size of the organization and any additional resources you require.

The Premier Mindset Program is divided into six playbooks, each addressing a core concept, and elaborating on its applications to a variety of performance settings. The specific skills you’ll be mastering are: Focus, Motivation, Imagery, Emotional Regulation, Mindfulness, and Confidence.

Yes, you can go through the program as many times as you would like within your one-year user license period to continue improving your mental skills. We are regularly updating and adding exercises and videos to the Premier Mindset Program so you may notice additional content the second time around.

Yes! You will find that the Premier Mindset Program most often uses sport as its background, but the concepts it teaches are based on research in the field of performance psychology. They are as valuable off the field as they are on it. Whether you’re performing on a stage, delivering a speech, or just trying to be more productive in your everyday life, mindset training will help increase your focus, boost your confidence, and enhance your overall performance and well-being.

We kindly ask that each individual in the household use a separate, single-user license.

Not entirely. The program educates users on many of the core concepts used in sport psychology sessions by our providers in their sessions with athletes. However, getting individualized training directly from a sport psychologist is likely still the best way to improve your mental game. The Premier Mindset Program is a close second. The concepts presented in the Premier Mindset Program are accessible and adaptable to the general needs of all athletes and the general demands of all sports. Many of our clients use the Premier Mindset Program (and the exercises within it) to support work they are doing with their sport psychologist. Note: The Premier Mindset Program is not designed to address or resolve any mental health concerns you may have.

The Premier Mindset Program is not designed to address any specific mental health concerns and we would encourage you to seek a sport psychologist for individual sessions if you are experiencing any mental health disturbances. If you are experiencing mental health concerns and would like to see a sport psychologist, please contact us at 952-513-7332 or reach out to a Licensed Mental Health provider in your area.

The entire Premier Mindset Program includes over 100 pages of interactive text and worksheets, as well as over 90 minutes of instructional video (and growing)! Our pledge to you is that we will continue to update it as we find additional tools and exercises that help our clients improve their mental game.

Athletes of all ages are welcome to use the Premier Mindset Program. However, because all of our content is research-based, athletes younger than 15 years old may find some of the terminology more difficult to understand. We would encourage a parent to help walk these younger athletes through the system.

Each playbook is designed as stand-alone instruction, so you can begin the program wherever you’d like. However, the playbooks do interact with one another often, and skills learned in the early playbooks can be used to more efficiently master skills in our later playbooks. For those reasons, we strongly recommend starting the program at our first playbook, Focus, and continuing through the program in its optimal sequence—beginning with the fundamentals (Focus, Motivation, and Imagery) and progressing to the more complex psychological states (Emotional Regulation, Mindful Behavior, and Confidence).