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Unlock your athlete's potential
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The PREMIER MINDSET PROGRAM is an online, e-learning course that walks athletes through the mental training techniques most directly related to performance enhancement. All of its content was developed by the licensed sport psychologists at Premier Sport Psychology, and offers athletes of all levels a convenient resource to turbo-charge their mental game, whether or not they have any experience with sport psychology. Athletes will learn skills to enhance their focus, boost their motivation, manage their energy levels, and improve and maintain their confidence in good times and bad.

Six Modules of Mindset Training

Your Multimedia Textbook

The Premier Mindset Program brings athletes incrementally through six unique training modules, beginning with the fundamentals of mindset development, before moving into the complex psychological states scientifically proven to enhance performance.

Over 90 Minutes of Instructional Video

You don’t think we’d leave your athletes alone with their thoughts, do you? All modules include a combination of text and video instruction, which replicate the very strategies our sport psychologists use in their team work and one-on-one sessions with athletes.

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25 Individualized Exercises

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Every athlete will chart a unique path from where they are to where they want to be. Our exercises are designed to provide athletes with structured, repeatable training routines to align their mental training with their own individual circumstances, needs, and goals.


How Can Sport Psychology Benefit My Athlete?


What improves performance, improves well-being

Your athlete is likely concerned with his/her performance on the field, the court, the rink, the track, or the mat. We’ll help with that. Rest assured, however, that every step in that process will require your athlete to identify those elements of his/her life that are healthy, and those that are unhealthy. Sport psychology reinforces this kind of awareness, and provides athletes with the skills to nourish what’s best in their lives, and address what’s holding them back.


Improved communication

Sport psychology (and the Premier Mindset Program) gives athletes a language to describe their emotions, their thoughts, their hopes, and their fears. It encourages them to communicate with their teammates, their coaches, their friends, and their family members– whether it be to create accountability and structure in their routines, or to gain strength and understanding from their support systems. This opens the door to healthy, productive conversations that many athletes previously found difficult.

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A balanced toolbox

Sport psychology seldom offers singular approaches to performance enhancement. We view performance dynamics holistically and treat them holistically by accumulating a network of complementary skills and routines. This leaves athletes with a variety of tools to unlock their potential, and meet the challenges of their sport, and their lives.


Embracing E-Learning for Youth Athletes

Technology can play a positive role in the lives of youth athletes, for example through introducing them to sport psychology concepts through our Premier Mindset Program, but it is important that parents help guide their young athletes through this technological landscape.


Dr. Justin Anderson

Founder, Premier Sport Psychology
Creator, Premier Mindset Program


Dr. Carly Anderson

Co-Founder, Premier Sport Psychology


Dr. Erin Ayala

Sport Psychologist

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Dr. Allie Wagener

Sport Psychologist

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Dr. Marissa Norman

Sport Psychologist


Dr. Ben Merkling

Sport Psychologist


Simon Almaer

Certified Mental Training Coach