User Guide

Welcome to your Premier Mindset Program, chock full of features and interactions to make your mental training portable, interactive, and robust!

To speed your transition, let’s walk through what you’ll being seeing on this platform, and what you’ll need to know to get started.

Getting Started

To begin your mindset training, click the LOGIN button at mindsetprogram.com.  This will bring you to your new account page, where you can enter your user information in the login fields.

NOTE: Be sure to enter your login information before selecting any of the options on your My Account page.

Your 'My Account' Page

Once logged in, you’ll be able to see all of the features available in your “My Account” page.  This will be your dashboard, your home base, for using the program and tracking your progress over time.

Accessing the Program

Accessing the new platform can be done through either the course outline at the top of the Your Modules section, or the module thumbnails at the bottom of this section.  Using the course outline will allow you to see what you’ve completed, and importantly, where you ended your last session, so picking up where you left off is easy and intuitive.

Users interested in using the original version of the program can do so by clicking the Premier Mindset Program button at the top of the screen.  Just be aware that exercise reporting and progress-tracking features will only be available when using the new platform.

Note: If you see the “No Modules Found” alert at the top of the Your Modules section, please contact us at support@mindsetprogram.com to have these modules added to your account.  Access to both platforms is available to all of our existing Premier Mindset Program users. 

Progress Tracking

Like any training program, mindset training relies on process and routine.  Your process and progress can now be tracked visually using the course outline in the Your Modules section of your My Account page.

You can expand any module by clicking the red arrow next to the module title, or all modules by clicking the Expand All button at the top of this section.  Either option will show you were you’ve been, what you’ve completed, and what’s to come in your training.

We recommend you set reasonable, achievable goals for yourself each day and week, and encourage you to take pride in your progress.  Each check mark and “completed” tag represents a powerful step forward in your mindset development, and every incomplete module, topic, or subtopic presents a new opportunity to grow and get better.  Whether you’re taking just one step each day or many, set a pace for yourself, hold yourself accountable, and celebrate each step you complete in this process.  None are easy, and each are bringing you closer to becoming the performer you were born to be.

Using the Program

Module Homepage

To begin your mindset training, click the LOGIN button at mindsetprogram.com.  This will bring you to your new account page, where you can enter your user information in the login fields.

NOTE: Be sure to enter your login information before selecting any of the options on your My Account page.

Navigating the Program

Each module contains a progression of lessons, and topics within those lessons.

The first page of every lesson will contain an introduction, and a list of the topics in that lesson—see the Lesson Content in the image below.

To jump into a lesson, click on the first topic in the Lesson Content.

Once you’re in the Lesson Content, you can navigate forward and backward using the “Next Topic” and “Previous Topic” buttons at the bottom of each page.  At the end of each lesson, the “Next Topic” button will become “Next Lesson,” and will bring you to the first page of the lesson that follows.

To track your progress within a module, or to jump forward or backward within the text, you can use the module’s menu page at the left of the screen.  Here you’ll find an internal outline of the module.  Lessons or topics that have been completed will have a check-mark next to their title.  Clicking on any lesson or topic within this outline will bring you directly to its corresponding page.

Progress Bar.  At the top of each page is your progress bar, indicating how many steps of the module you’ve completed, and how many you have remaining.  Next to the progress bar are additional navigation buttons you can use to move through the module.

Note the change in the navigation buttons between Next Topic in the first image, and Next Lesson in the second.  This change simply reflects what’s coming next in the module.  If your next step is another topic within your current lesson, you will see Next Topic next to your progress bar.  If you’ve finished with a lesson, the navigation button will automatically bring you to the following lesson.

My Account.  In the upper right corner of every screen is your account.  Clicking or hovering over your username will provide you with a menu you can use to navigate back to the home page of your current module, or back to your account page, where you can jump into a new one, or contact us with any questions or concerns.  We’re always here to help.

Premier Mindset Logo.  Clicking on the Premier Mindset logo at the upper left of your screen will direct you back to mindsetprogram.com.

Exercise Reports

Most modules include written reflection exercises to customize your mindset training.  You can complete these exercises directly within module, and when you’ve finished, click ‘Submit’ to have an individualized exercise report emailed to you.  Because this feature is available only to licensed users of the program, please be sure to provide the email address associated with your Premier Mindset Program account.

Reports are generated immediately and should arrive in your inbox within 15 minutes of completing an exercise.  If you don’t see your report, it’s possible that it was filtered by your email client, so be sure to check your spam folder.  We do not sell your information or use your email for any reason unrelated to your mindset training.

Your reports can be easily forwarded to mentors and coaches for additional support, or to build new lines of communication about your needs, your strengths, or your drivers as an athlete.  Support networks are important to any performer, and your mindset training will benefit from the collaboration and accountability these networks provide.

Note: You will be able to receive unique exercise reports for each exercise twice.  If you would like to run through exercises for a third time and receive a corresponding report, please contact us at support@mindsetprogram.com and we will reset your exercises for you at no additional charge.

Completing a Module and Next Steps

On the final page of each module, you’re presented with two options: the first, to continue to the next module in the program; and the second, to return to your account page, where you can select dive into whichever module you’d like.  While we suggest progressing through the program in its recommended sequence, you have the freedom to train (and re-train) in an order that makes sense to you, and if applicable, your coaches.

We encourage you to make this process your own, and to be patient and persistent.  Growth will come in time.  We also welcome the opportunity to be a part of your process, so if you encounter any questions along the way, or wish to share your feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@mindsetprogram.com.

Wishing you continued strength and success,

Your Premier Mindset Team